About Us

Minorities are a subject of discussion in politics and the media every day. But something’s often missing: the personal stories of those who are actual minority. FACE THE BALKANS starts just there: We, 15 young journalists from six different countries, were in the Balkans for one week. In Bosnia Herzegovina, in Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia. We met people, who belong to minorities.
We decided to treat „minority“ as something not strictly defined. We met a Roma actress and a homosexual human rights activist, a student with Down Syndrome and Serbian girl that was in love with an Albanian guy. We met people, who are different from society‘s majority. On FACE THE BALKANS we tell their personal stories.

Black and White Portrait of Elodie Armand.

ELODIE ARMAND, born 1986 in Charleville-Mézières, France. Was in Bosnia before and returned. There she realized, that she has a mutual friend with Gorana from Banja Luka. Without facebook telling them …


Black and White Portrait of Melina Borčak
MELINA BORCAK from Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Has great understanding for every minority, because she herself belongs to one of the most endangered ones: the vegans in the Balkans!


Black and White Portrait of Lisa Crinon.
LISA CRINON, born 1986. Comes from Berlin, but is actually from France, and since she faced the Balkans she plays with the idea to move to Belgrade.


Black and White Portrait of Milka DomanovicMILKA DOMANOVIC, born 1986 in Čačak, Serbia, also known as „Milke Dusho“. Found out: it’s all about mentality. Always felt a little different from her compatriots: more planning, organising, discussing things and a little less relaxed. Now she knows: thats the german part in her!


Black and White Portrait of Charlotte Funke.
CHARLOTTE FUNKE, born 1988 in Berlin. Wouldn’t have known the capital of Macedonia before the project. After it: in love with Skopje. Found German-speaking people amazingly anywhere: taxi drivers, nut sellers and market criers. Fino!


Black and White Portrait of Nadine Kreuzahler
NADINE KREUZAHLER from Berlin delighted to see that there is a Kosovo beyond KFOR. Stunned by the warmth and coolness she met. After few days she already knew people hanging around in bars. One thought: To come back!


Black and White Portrait of Marija Mitevska.
MARIJA MITEVSKA, born 1984 in Skopje. Expected a stiff and cold city and found: Berlin! First thing that she told her friends about the project: „The guys are cool.“ And, isn’t that the most important thing?


Black and White Portrait of Kristina Ozimec
KRISTINA OZIMEC, born 1986 in Skopje. Minority? Me! One of the rare independent publishing journalists in Macedonia. Likes the German discussions about tax equality for gay marriages, while in Macedonia even gay couples are a tabu.


Black and White Portrait of Ivana Petrusevska
IVANA PETRUSEVSKA, born 1985 in Skopje. After Balkan Multimedia she wants to be member of that one minority with all her heart: the Macedonians in Berlin.


Black and White Picture of Temjana Popovska TEMJANA POPOVSKA, born 1987 in Skopje, just about to finish her master studies. Young, highly motivated and – unemployed. Most striking experience: Germany appreciates people who want to learn and work, Macedonia doesn’t.


Black and White Portrait of Gorana SekulicGORANA SEKULIC, born 1989 in Banja Luka, BH. Clicked with everyone from the beginning although language-wonder Gorana might be the only one in the group who understands the meaning of „to click with somebody“. And: couldn’t close her mouth when she first saw people drinking beer on the Berlin S-Bahn.


Black and White Portrait of Igor Smilevski
IGOR SMILEVSKI, born 1988 in Skopje. Didn’t know that there are transgender people in Skopje until Team Macedonia One made the portrait. Hopes that the website will at least reach one prejudiced person in the Balkans and make him change his mind.


Black and White Portrait of Emilie Sok
EMILIE SOK, born 1987 in Brittany. Was courious about an adventure in the Balkans. “Balkan” sounded like “Balkan Beats” before the project. Now, it’s an indescribable mix of experience and 14 new faces that last.


Black and White Portrait of Maximilian Ulrich
MAXIMILIAN ULRICH, born 1987 in Limbach-Oberfrohna. Can’t stand the German discussions about asylum seekers anymore since he visited a class of young Roma kids from the streets in Skopje’s Roma district Sutka.


Black and White Portrait of Dardan Zhegrova
DARDAN ZHEGROVA, born 1991 in Prishtina, the team‘s youngest and tallest and the hipsterist. After dealing with minorities more than a month, he knows: everyone is a minority, or no one at all.