Stamen- The “No”-Sayer

Stamen – The “No”-Sayer
by Marija Mitevska, Temjana Popovska, Igor Smilevski, Max Ulrich

Many pensioners spend their days playing chess. But not former Lieutenant Stamen Filipov, who has higher ambitions- to protect the Macedonian Constitution. Every Monday he questions the decisions of the government and the parliament.

First ask Stamen and than adopt laws. Usually the Macedonian lawmakers will tell this joke during their debates in the parliament. But the number of 86 adopted laws in the first 6 months shows that either the lawmakers work very hard or very fast. If the parliament is record holder in passing law pensioner Stamen Filipov is known as the record holder in their denial. This 69 years old jurist decided to dedicate his life to correcting the decisions of the government and parliament which he considers not to be consistent with the Counstitution. His goal is to make Macedonia a legal state in which all civil rights are respected. „ I will work until we have such a government“, says Stamen. For him going to the Constitutional Court is both obligation and pleasure.

Few facts about Stamen initiatives

  • His first initiative took place in 1993 while he was working for the Ministry of Defence. He questioned some act of the law of defence. Most of his iniatives, 33 of them were accepted by the Constitutional Court in 2010. The most unsuccessful year was 1995 when none of his iniatives were accepted.
  •  His last initiative questioned the law on the requirement to perform a public function, access documents and publishing collaboration with state security.
  •  In February of 2009 Stamen Filipov promoted his book” Constitutionalist”. In this book he gathered all his initiatives that challenged certain laws before the Constitutional Court.


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